Autumn round the Jumbles

This week’s Monday walk is a local one which I did a couple of weeks ago after I left work one morning. After what seemed like weeks of interminable rain with only the odd bit of sunshine here and there I came out of work to a sunny morning and blue sky so I decided to leave the van there and take a walk round the nearby Jumbles reservoir to catch what was left of the autumn colour before it all disappeared.
Unfortunately the blue sky didn’t stay as clear as I would have liked and by the time I got to Ousel Nest Meadows banks of grey/white clouds were gathering. I briefly thought about abandoning my walk but decided not to, and though it wasn’t one of the better walks I’ve done round there I still got several reasonably good photos when the sky turned blue again.
DSCF7239 - Copy
Cottages on the lane to the Jumbles
DSCF7240 - Copy
A splash of colour in someone’s garden
DSCF7242 - Copy
Ousel Nest Meadows
Heading down the hill towards the reservoir dam I could hear the water before I saw it; when I was last round there in late May it was flowing normally from the overflow pipe but this time it was positively gushing out as a result of all the recent rain.
DSCF7243 - Copy
By the time I’d got to the top of the long steep incline at the far side of the dam the blue sky was back and it stayed with me until I got to the far side of the bridge at the end of the reservoir, although the sunshine itself wasn’t exactly bright. Leaving the reservoir briefly I walked a short way along the riverside path to the waterfall where I came across a couple of people fishing, then back on the bridge I took a couple of shots of the old quarry. Unlike late May, when several weeks of warm sunny weather had rendered the quarry so dry I could walk along the bottom of it, this time it was completely full and looked totally different.
DSCF7244 - CopyDSCF7245 - CopyDSCF7246 - CopyDSCF7251 - Copy (2)DSCF7253 - CopyDSCF7252 - CopyDSCF7249 - CopyDSCF7250 - Copy
Across the bridge the trees were more dense in spite of having lost their leaves; the path veered away from the water so open views were few, and with the sun having disappeared again things looked a lot less interesting than when I’d been there earlier in the year.
DSCF7256 - CopyDSCF7258 - CopyDSCF7259 - CopyDSCF7261 - Copy
Walking through the nearby stable yard I came across a pretty shrub, presumably evergreen but a lot of the leaves were red, and the steep bank at the side of the lane was a carpet of russet coloured leaves. A squirrel darted across the lane just ahead of me and ran up a tree but he disappeared too quickly for me to get a photo of him.
DSCF7265 - CopyDSCF7267 - CopyDSCF7268 - Copy
Farther along the lane were a couple of open fields where horses usually graze and in the corner of one of them, shaded by the bare branches of two trees, was a small pond. Across from the fields were the gateways and enclosed gardens of four large detached houses and my last shot was taken looking back down the lane before heading back to collect my van from work.
DSCF7269 - CopyDSCF7271 - CopyDSCF7273 - CopyDSCF7272 - Copy
I’ve walked round the Jumbles many times over the years and always enjoyed it but this time it wasn’t as good as usual. Maybe it was because the sky kept clouding over, or maybe the lack of leaves on the trees reminded me that winter, a season I don’t particularly like, wasn’t far off. Whatever the reason, next time I do that walk it will be in summer on a warm day with wall-to-wall blue sky and sunshine.

16 thoughts on “Autumn round the Jumbles

  1. It’s as though autumn has lost it’s grip and the landscape has taken on a more bleak wintry tone. It looks a lovely walk but I’m sorry it wasn’t as enjoyable as usual. X


    1. It had been really lovely the previous day so I think I was disappointed because a morning which seemed so promising when I came out of work was blighted yet again by lots of cloud. At least it was dry, since early October we’ve had weeks of days starting off nice then descending rapidly into cloud and rain so decent walks have been practically non existent 😦


  2. It’s a shame the walk wasn’t more enjoyable for you. I do like scrunching through fallen autumn leaves but I’m not looking forward to the winter months either.


  3. There was no scrunching through fallen leaves on this walk Eileen, we have had so much rain since early October that everywhere is just soggy 😦 I think the last good dry walk I did was the canal walk I featured last week.


  4. Reading this post I get the feeling that you enjoyed your walk more than you are prepared to admit and got some decent photos.
    Don’t stop just because it is winter. Mind you I’ve not ventured far these last couple of miserable days.


  5. I honestly really didn’t enjoy it that much BC. I hadn’t done a good walk since the canal one in early October as even though many mornings started off sunny the rain had set in by 9.30am – it was like that all through the month and well into this month too. If the clouds had stayed away on this particular day I would have felt differently but by the time they appeared I was too far into the walk to give up and go back. It was muddy underfoot in several places too so that didn’t help – I don’t do mud, even with wellies on 😦 I think not having the dogs with me had a lot to do with it as well, I felt as if I was just walking for the sake of it. It’s been miserable again today, raining, windy and not even proper daylight, definitely not walking weather 😦

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    1. I don’t know what it is with the trees around here but many of them seem to lose their leaves before they even change colour. October was a very wet month so after the canal walk I didn’t really go anywhere, then by the time I did this walk most of the trees were bare πŸ™‚

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  6. Lovely even though it was not too sunny. Seems that no matter what we do , it just doesn’t seem quite the same & I’m wondering if all our stress is just clouding our senses a little at the moment. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

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  7. I’m the same, I don’t like winter either. I think it’s a mixture of the seasons and the fact that we’ve been taking local walks with nothing further afield just about all year. I’m definitely ready for a change of scenery now. We are lucky to have such lovely walks on our doorstep though, it’s just that you can have too much of a good thing haha.

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  8. I know what you mean – sometimes a place which normally provides a good walk and a lovely experience just doesn’t ‘work’.

    But the blue sky in your photos is still a very welcome interlude – it feels as if it started raining back in October and has not yet stopped. Having seen this weather pattern in the past, I am desperately trying not to think of the “F” word, (that’s flood, not anything more rude!)

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