That Wednesday/Thursday feeling

The topic for this week’s Friday photo hunt is ‘the colour purple’ which isn’t an easy one for me. I don’t dislike the colour, it’s just not one which really features in my life, and the only purple things I have were used in previous photo hunts so I’m giving this one a miss for something completely different.
Now if there’s one thing guaranteed to cause confusion in the Mouse House it’s Michael’s work shifts. His normal shift pattern is four days on (two days, two nights) and four days off, with start and finish times at either 6 or 6.30 whether it’s days or nights. However, over the last year or so he’s either volunteered or been asked to cover shifts where other people have been off work for whatever reason, meaning he’s often working when I think he’ll be at home or vice versa, and sometimes we’re like ships that pass in the night.
Last week, after staying at his girlfriend’s for a few days, he arrived home early on Thursday morning after a 12-hour night shift just as I was getting ready to go to my own morning job, and the conversation went like this –
Me – “When are you going back to Laura’s again?”
Him – “Friday”
Me – “Tomorrow or do you mean next Friday?”
Him – “Friday this week, tomorrow’s Thursday”
Me – “No it’s not, tomorrow is Friday, it’s Thursday today”
Him – “Are you sure? I thought today is Wednesday”
Me – “No Michael, today is definitely Thursday”
Him (checking his phone for the day and date) – “You’re right, itΒ isΒ  Thursday. Well in that case I’m going back tomorrow”
So with that confusion cleared up I left him to his sleep while I went to my morning job. Fast forward a week and yesterday I arrived at my morning job to find the boss’s son first one in and making toast in the kitchen – and this was the conversation –
Aaron – “What day is it today?”
Me – “Thursday, why?”
Aaron – “Are you sure? Is it not Wednesday?”
Me – “No Aaron, it’s definitely Thursday”
Aaron (checking his phone) “Oh, it is – funny, I thought it was Wednesday”
Now call it Groundhog Day, that deja vue feeling or whatever but it seemed totally bizarre that I’d had almost exactly the same conversation with two different people but a week apart. What is it about Wednesdays and Thursdays? Have other people lost the plot or is it just me? No, I don’t want anyone to answer that one….

18 thoughts on “That Wednesday/Thursday feeling

  1. It is most definitely NOT you, or Michael, or Aaron.

    I had the weirdest week last week when every single day “felt” like Saturday. Even though I knew it could not be. I had to keep checking my phone which tells me the date and time without unlocking it ….

    Partly it’s about being retired and therefore the actual day of the week no longer really matters for me, but I think a lot of it is the way lockdowns have affected the schedules that most people usually live by. Take away that “mooring rope” and the boat starts to float around in a fairly aimless fashion.


  2. I can understand Michael’s confusion in a way – split shifts, varying start/finish times, working when he should be off, changing from days to nights and vice versa – it’s enough to send anyone’s brain loopy πŸ™‚

    I must admit I sometimes get that ‘Saturday feeling’ if I’m camping for more than a week, especially if I’m on a quiet site and even more so if I’m there on my own, which is often the case at the Anglesey site. It can be a good thing for me though as it seems to make my holiday last much longer πŸ™‚


  3. I never know what day of the week it is and have to regularly check. Michael’s shift pattern is very strange so no wonder he gets confused. I agree that was weird to have a similar conversation a week apart, now that’s what I call Groundhog Day πŸ™‚


  4. I really don’t know how Michael copes with his odd shift pattern, it wouldn’t do for me at all – I like a structured routine for my own work days, although with having multiple jobs I’ve sometimes found myself driving towards one when I should be going to another πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  5. Definitely not you. Wednesday this week DD & family came over to help us with a small job as the kids & DD are on school holidays & S-I-L is a shift worker so has odd days off. All day I kept thinking it was Saturday as they usually come over on the weekend & then all day Thursday I thought it was Friday, so you are not alone. In fact, once retired we seem to get mixed up easier than ever. Age?
    Take care, stay safe & hugs.


    1. No chance on Fridays I’m afraid, I have less than an hour from getting back from my lunch time work to setting out for my evening job – just enough time to grab a quick brew and run the dogs round the nearby field.


  6. I agree with other retirees , it is a challenge keeping track of the days. Never mind other things. Went a walk this week to a local park, completely shocked at how many children were there. Took me a while to realise that it was still the Easter holidays. Easter was surely weeks ago,!


  7. I don’t know how it works where you are but here our kids have two weeks off for Easter, which usually falls on the middle weekend of those two weeks, but because schools were closed for so long the holidays were moved and didn’t start until Good Friday two weeks ago, meaning the kids were still on holiday this week. Ours are back in school on Monday so probably yours will be the same.


  8. I have to give my head a shake and count on my fingers most mornings πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Rather than which job I’m going to it’s who I’m meeting, and why! Mostly I remember.


  9. It’s been the other way round for me. This last week I’ve been a day ahead of myself. That will teach me to change my working hours πŸ™‚


  10. Since I stopped working I continually get mixed up with the days, and when it comes to dates, well, I have to concentrate very hard. It was such a natural thing to know the day and date when I was writing it down umpteen times a day, not so much now.


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