Manchester street art – Ancoats and other bits

With the weather not being good enough for me to do what I had planned over the weekend my Monday walk this time catches up with some street art photographed three weeks ago when my wanderings round Manchester took me away from the Northern Quarter for a while. On someone else’s blog I’d recently seen a photo of a ‘green lady’ artwork located in the vicinity of the Great Northern shopping/entertainment complex and though it was a fair walk from the NQ it seemed to be worth looking for.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find the green lady anywhere in spite of walking round the area more than once so I came to the conclusion that the photo I’d seen had been taken some time ago and the artwork had since vanished. I did however find a leafy mural at the entrance to a currently closed restaurant and some street art under a railway bridge, then as I made my way back to the NQ I found Spiderman on the windows of a corner building.
DSCF8210 - CopyDSCF8224 - CopyDSCF8226 - CopyDSCF8227 - CopyDSCF8231 - Copy
Back in the NQ I was passing though Stevenson Square on the way to Ancoats when I saw something on the side of a bus shelter. As an advert it wasn’t really street art but it was amusing enough to take a photo – although having found out what it actually is I certainly don’t fancy drinking the stuff – then tucked in a corner down a narrow side street I found a colourful hotch-potch of all sorts which had obviously been there for quite a while.
DSCF8274 (2) - Copy
DSCF8169 - Copy
Ancoats isn’t really known for its street art as it has very little compared to the NQ but one thing I did want to find was a big colourful bird known as the Guardian of Ancoats. Featured on several blogs and websites as a ‘must see’ it was supposed to be situated just one street behind the main road separating Ancoats from the NQ but it proved to be just as elusive as the earlier green lady so presumably it had been painted over some time ago.
Encouraged by finding a couple of Qubek’s bees on the wall of the Manchester Creative Studio and some colourful shutters nearby I decided to explore a few more streets in the vicinity and was quite surprised when I found far more street art than I expected.
DSCF8288 - CopyDSCF8289 - CopyDSCF8287 - CopyDSCF8304 - Copy
DSCF8305 - Copy
Sherratt Street
DSCF8324 - Copy
Oldham Road
DSCF8307 - Copy
Oldham Road
In Bengal Street a new multi-storey building was being constructed on a large corner plot and two sides at ground level were surrounded by hoardings covered in brightly painted street art. They were certainly a good way of brightening up a construction site and well worth getting a few shots.
DSCF8308 - Copy
Construction site, Bengal Street
DSCF8310 - CopyDSCF8311 - CopyDSCF8312 - CopyDSCF8313 - CopyDSCF8314 - CopyDSCF8315 - CopyDSCF8316 - CopyDSCF8317 - CopyDSCF8318 - CopyDSCF8319 - CopyDSCF8320 - Copy
Across the main road in Addington Street I found a lovely paste-up on the side of an old disused building then back in the NQ I discovered a shutter and another piece of artwork down a narrow alleyway which I’d somehow missed on my previous wanderings.
DSCF8326 - Copy
Addington Street
DSCF8327 - Copy
Cavell Street
DSCF8328 - Copy
Cavell Street – Artist, David Speed
Back on Thomas Street I took the final four photos of the day (featured in a previous post) then made my way back to the station. Four hours of constant walking round the city’s streets were enough for one day, it was time to go home, make a brew and a late lunch, then relax for an hour or so.

9 thoughts on “Manchester street art – Ancoats and other bits

  1. It’s a shame you didn’t get to see what you’d hoped to see but good to have found more. It’s good in a way that they are ever changing and some good artworks there. Spiderman is good but never heard of pea milk before but I do have to wonder how they milk peas? 🙂


  2. I’d never heard of pea milk before either so I had to look it up. It’s a plant-based alternative to proper milk and supposed to be good for those who are lactose intolerant. From the description it sounds revolting and I certainly wouldn’t want it in my tea or on my cereal 😦 I was a bit disappointed not to find those two things I was looking for but I found others which I didn’t expect to see so it was still a good day 🙂


  3. It just shows you can go looking for one thing and find something else entirely! Despite not finding your green lady you’ve got a good haul of shots from this walk. I love the final image and the cherry blossom on Oldham Road. And what a great idea to brighten up the building site hoardings like that 🙂 But I’ll pass on the pea milk – the two things I’ve hated since I was a child are peas and milk 🤢

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ve never been a lover of milk either – I can have a bit in tea or coffee but could never drink it on its own 😦 On the other hand I do like peas, especially the garden variety, and could quite easily eat them cold straight out of the can. Pea milk though? Definitely not 😦 The building site hoardings were a great way of brightening things up though I didn’t expect to see so many.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The entrance to the restaurant was a bit odd, it was like a short tunnel leading from the pavement to the door, with the leafy murals on each side wall though there was no indication of who the artist was.


  5. Oh well, you didn’t find what you were looking for, but you found plenty of other good stuff! I don’t like absolutely every one, but they are all colourful and better than blank walls or hoardings. I have never heard of pea milk, though I am always surprised at how many types of “milk” there are. Nearly 40 years ago I tried to be vegan for a while. It didn’t work but I still use soy milk on my cereal because I don’t really like milk (yoghurt and cheese are another matter). Almond, rice, oat – and now pea!


  6. I’ve never really liked milk – probably a throw-back from primary school when we were MADE to drink a small bottle of it every day at morning break. It was always bordering on slightly warm and tasted horrible 😦 As an adult, whenever I visited my parents, or in more recent years my friend Lin, if I was ever asked if I wanted a brew I would insist on putting the milk in myself as I don’t like too much. My mum’s habit of putting milk in the cup first when pouring tea used to really bug me as if there’s too much in you can’t take it out 😦 As for pea milk – I won’t be trying it.

    The construction site is opposite a row of very pleasant residential properties so I guess the colourful hoardings were much nicer for the residents to see from their front windows. My favourite of this lot is the lighthouse, I don’t know the significance of the wording but I think the whole thing is simple but lovely.


  7. I find some street art breathtakingly beautiful and compelling – and you have found some stunning examples of that; but, alas, too much of it simply looks like ugly graffiti to me, so much litter, like the ugly scrawls along railway lines coming into large towns and cities. I enjoy the odd glass of semi-skimmed milk, but don’t like too much in my tea – and can’t hack full-cream any more (yeuch!). Be happy to try pea-milk, though.


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