Creatures of the camp site

For my final holiday post I thought I would include some of the many creatures which call the camp site and farm their home. When I stayed there two years ago, aside from a large flock of sheep, 24,000 chickens and two dogs, the farm’s animal collection consisted of four pygmy goats, a small collection of hand reared/captive-bred birds in large aviaries and a few ponies which I never saw, however several changes since then have seen the addition of more birds, a couple of rheas, some alpacas and several rabbits.
The aviaries were set back in a pleasant area behind the facilities block, some of them having information plaques attached, while the ponies were in the field in front of my tent and the alpacas and rheas in paddocks to the side. A wide gravel track ran between the paddocks and down at the bottom were the goats, while the rabbits were in an enclosure at the corner of the farm track. It was all a very well thought out set up and reminded me a bit of a small-scale version of a wildlife park.
DSCF9964 - Copy
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Of course I couldn’t forget my own two camp site creatures, Snowy and Poppie. It was Snowy’s first holiday and while Poppie preferred to lie in the shade under the table Snowy liked to stand on  the table so she could see what was going on around us, though she wasn’t happy about having to stay in her travel crate while I took the tent down on going home day.
DSCF9321 - CopyDSCF9544 - CopyDSCF9546 - CopyDSCF9541 - CopyDSCF9547 - CopyDSCF9540 - CopyDSCF9721 - CopyDSCF9367 - CopyDSCF9943 - CopyDSCF9324 - CopyDSCF9332 - Copy
A quiet early morning
The golden glow of evening
River view near the site
After having lovely sunny weather for most of the holiday going home day was cloudy and grey. The rain arrived just after I left the site and it lasted until I was halfway home then the clouds cleared and the sunshine and blue sky returned, staying with me for the rest of the day – it was a perfect end to a lovely holiday. 

14 thoughts on “Creatures of the camp site

  1. It was a lovely holiday BC, I’m glad you enjoyed my stories. It took a couple of days for my brain to get back into work mode then I felt like I’d never been away. I have some days to use up before the end of next month so I’ve re-booked the same pitch for another ten days 🙂

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  2. I’ll probably make repeat visits to a couple of places to get some different photos but I’ve also got a couple of completely new places in mind which I’m really looking forward to going to.


  3. Oh wow, that is a lovely campsite. Good to see Poppie and Snowy enjoying their holiday and Snowy on the table, now who does that remind me of 🙂 No wonder you want to return. I’ve enjoyed seeing all your holiday photos.


  4. Even if the animals weren’t there I would still go back as it’s such a lovely peaceful little site in a lovely location – that’s what I liked about it the first time I went there two years ago. I wasn’t sure how Snowy would be with it being her first camp but other than the occasional bark at the alpacas during the first couple of days she was absolutely fine, and she really made me smile when she kept getting up on the table 🙂


  5. There are some animals there that I don’t know the history of – I must remember to ask next time I’m there – but birds are a hobby of the guy who owns the farm and most of the ones he has came from a private collection. The rabbits came from a small petting ‘zoo’ which was closing down and the alpacas were bought to protect mother ewes and newborn lambs from foxes – apparently alpacas don’t like foxes and will chase them off or even trample on them to keep a flock of sheep safe.


  6. Sounds good, Eunice. We had a couple of sunny days in Leeds but mostly grey skies and cool. The company was wonderful though, and that’s what we went for. Love the owls and there was a lovely petting farm at Harewood House.


  7. If the company was good Jo then anything else was a bonus 🙂 The weather yesterday (Saturday) was supposed to be the best of the weekend so I took advantage and had a lovely day out with the dogs. I went further than I intended but I was killing several birds with one stone so I didn’t need to repeat a lot of the route at a later date.


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