February mini break – day 3

After two really lovely days the weather decided to let me down on the last morning. Grey sky and fine drizzly rain which showed no sign of clearing up meant that the dog walk down by the beach was kept fairly short and my plans to explore somewhere new on the way home were completely screwed up; it did mean, however, that I was able to spend a bit longer with Eileen and her hubby on my second visit.
I’d previously mentioned that I would like to see Jasmine, the horse which lives in a local field and which Eileen regularly visits while walking Tilly, so armed with a couple of carrots we set out on the short walk with Snowy and Poppie, though Tilly wasn’t happy at being left behind. At the far side of one small field a couple of Jacob sheep were taking it easy while in the field across the lane were a couple of ponies and a black and white cow just beyond the wire fence.
Jasmine was on her own at the far side of another small field but she came over when Eileen called; she looked a bit scruffy but at least she was well rugged up against the winter weather. We gave her the carrots, though Snowy wasn’t impressed as she thought she was missing out on something, then we meandered back to Eileen’s by a slightly different route.
DSCF2249 - CopyDSCF2250 - CopyDSCF2247 - CopyDSCF2244 - Copy
It was still raining when I left Eileen’s later on so as there was no point driving along the coast road I headed straight for the A55 which was the quickest way home, and the further north I got the more it was raining. It was a shame the weather had let me down on the third day but I couldn’t really complain – I’d had two really lovely days, discovered some new places, revisited others, visited some lovely friends and got some good photos, so in the words of the Meatloaf song ‘two out of three ain’t bad’.

13 thoughts on “February mini break – day 3

  1. I haven’t a clue what a jasmine plant looks like but I can imagine it’s quite pretty. Jasmine the horse seemed very placid even when Snowy barked at her, and she liked the carrots.


  2. I’m glad you got to meet Jasmine but I hate seeing horses living alone. They are pack animals, not designed for solitary confinement, ponies in the next field is not the same as being part of a herd. Shame your last day did not work out as you had planned but of course you know what that means – another trip needed 😊


    1. And another one is being planned Jayne – I’ve already learned of somewhere new I can check out on the way there 🙂

      While I agree with you that horses are herd animals and are better with companions they CAN live alone if necessary, though having worked with horses in the past I know it’s not ideal. Also there’s the land factor – approx.1 acre per horse and as you may be able to see from the last photo that field is very small so it wouldn’t be sufficient for more than one horse for any length of time. Eileen did say that Jasmine is usually in a different field – which looks to be just about as small – so I’m assuming her owners use the fields in rotation. There’s probably several reasons why she’s there on her own – though if it was up to me she wouldn’t be – but at least she gets some attention and treats from locals.


  3. The rain was the same here after you’d left for home. It rained really hard but we were lucky we took the walk before it lashed it down. I do feel sorry for Jasmine but the locals give her lots of treats and she recognises those who do not disappoint her. Tilly is very jealous of Jasmine being given treats but looks forward to going to see her. I’m glad you had such a good weekend.


  4. It’s a shame that your third day didn’t work out as planned but I’m sure you enjoyed spending the time with Eileen. Jasmine looks to be very friendly, I expect she’s used to getting treats from the locals.


  5. I can always include my plans for that third day into my next break down there, and it was nice to be able to spend a bit more time with Eileen without having to rush off somewhere.


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