Morecambe artists wall 2022

Following my tour of the Winter Gardens Theatre in October I had a walk along the promenade to the artists wall. I’d noticed one or two new artworks as I’d driven along to the theatre and though several from last year were still there others had been replaced and I was quite surprised to see just how many new ones had been added since I photographed last year’s batch.
DSCF4973 - Copy
DSCF4515 - Copy
DSCF4974 - Copy
It was good to see that the artists wall is continuing to brighten up what is otherwise a redundant and derelict section of the promenade. Morecambe isn’t a place I would purposely visit in the winter months so it will be a while before I return but I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing some more new artwork on the wall next season.

12 thoughts on “Morecambe artists wall 2022

    1. It’s right on the promenade (landward side) just past Aldi as you head towards Heysham. It’s the next thing you come to after Aldi car park and runs along what was once the front of the Frontierland funfair.

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      1. Thanks.
        I don’t often go down that end as I cut inland on a cycleway past the station.
        Will have a look next time.
        Too cold for cycling at present. Meeting mates at Bob’s Smithy for pub lunch, darkest Bolton.


        1. Definitely too cold for cycling 😦
          I’ve only ever been in Bob’s Smithy once – my son took me there for tea one Sunday (or dinner if you want to be posh) it was crowded, too noisy with a live band, a very limited menu – and that was before Covid was invented – so we went to the Black Dog instead. Presumably the menu is better now so I hope you enjoy your lunch.
          I’m up in Belmont later on but will possibly be passing Bob’s Smithy via Scout Road en route to elsewhere – I haven’t been that way for a while even though it’s only just up the road from home.

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  1. I’ve thought for a long time that hoardings covering up wasteland and building sites as well as blank concrete walls should look like this. The artists love doing it, the public enjoy seeing it and the cost would be minimal. I couldn’t pick a favourite but I did like the look of that ice cream – and it’s good to see Eric make an appearance. He always brought us sunshine 🙂

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  2. I like the ice cream one too, and the dog of course 🙂 I agree, a lot of hoardings round building sites etc would look better with some art on them – I’ve found a fair few in Manchester over the last couple of years and they do make a difference to what would otherwise be a bit of an eyesore.

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