A quick review of ’22

Well where do I start? On a personal level there was nothing remotely interesting or exciting about day-to-day life in the Mouse House in 2022 and other than catching a cold in June I’ve been happy and healthy all year so this post is just a look back at some of the places I went to on my travels during the year.
Most of January was grey, wet and miserable but towards the end of the month some lovely sunshine and blue sky appeared so I took Snowy and Poppie for the first long walk of the year through local countryside and round by Turton Tower and the Last Drop Village.
DSCF1647 - CopyDSCF1657 - CopyDSCF1664 - Copy
February was another very wet month with three named storms almost one after the other so dog walking was kept to the avenues around home, however I still managed to get to a few places. The first Sunday of the month saw me walking round a blustery and very wet Manchester to capture some aspects of the Chinese New Year celebrations, a few days later I was on the snowdrop trail around Lytham Hall, the middle of the month I went to the Michaelangelo exhibiton at the Trafford Centre’s Event City, then the last few days of the month I had a mini break down in North Wales where the weather was mostly very good.
DSCF1719 - CopyCopy of Lytham Hall - snowdrop walk 031Sistine chapelDSCF2169 - Copy
For some reason March was a bit of a ‘nothing’ month with no opportunities for days out though I did make up for it in April with a long Easter weekend camping break back in North Wales during which I visited Colwyn Bay Zoo, climbed a very steep hill up to the remains of Deganwy Castle, walked across Conwy Suspension Bridge and wandered round a lovely part of Conwy Mountain.
DSCF2715 - CopyDSCF2601 - CopyDSCF2612 - CopyDSCF2545 - Copy
In May, thanks to some excellent prices on ebay and lots of visits by Royal Mail and Hermes, I completed my meerkat collection with the ones I didn’t have, making a full total of nineteen. I also visited, for the first time, Bazil Point on the Lune estuary and followed that with a walk round the tiny village of Sunderland Point across the river and a visit to Sambo’s grave.DSCF2856 - CopyDSCF2818 - CopyDSCF2909 - Copy
The beginning of June saw the advent of my birthday and thanks to my ever-generous son I got what must be the best birthday present ever. With a top speed of 16 kph it came with a free floor mat, has all the features I’ll ever need and more besides, and folds up when not in use. I haven’t yet got round to photographing it in situ so I’ve pinched a pic from the retailer’s website though it’s actually bigger than it looks.
The day of my birthday also saw me wandering round the Manchester Flower Show which coincided with Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, then the following weekend started a 10-day holiday back in North Wales where I went to many places including Conwy Castle, Gwrych Castle and the very beautiful Bodnant Gardens.
treadmillDSCF2974 - CopyDSCF2607 - CopyDSCF3469 - Copy
The highlight of July was an overnight weekend stay in the van and completely off-grid on the edge of Glasson Dock village. The weather and views across the Lune estuary were great, I had a couple of lovely walks around the village and nearby countryside, and though going off-grid isn’t something I would do too often the experience had been a good one.
DSCF3827 - Copy - CopyDSCF3715 - CopyDSCF3716 - Copy
August saw me visiting several different gardens on their open days, from small private gardens to larger gardens of several acres, none of which I’d been to before, and the particular highlights were the RHS Bridgewater Garden and Gresgarth Hall. I also went to the newly opened Castlefield Viaduct garden, and following my visit to Gresgarth Hall I had a lovely walk along a section of the River Lune.
DSCF3928 - CopyDSCF4017 - CopyDSCF4132 - CopyDSCF4309 - Copy
During a week’s leave from work in mid September a gloriously sunny day saw me walking from Hest Bank northwards along the Lancaster Canal for a couple of miles then heading down to the coast at Bolton-le-Sands and walking back to Hest Bank via the foreshore, where I eventually found the Praying Shell sculpture overlooking Morecambe Bay near Red Bank Farm.

DSCF0214 - CopyDSCF4479 - Copy (2)DSCF4489 - Copy

October was quite a busy time for getting out and about. At the beginning of the month I made my first ever visit to Southport’s Botanical Gardens then a week later made my second visit to Gresgarth Hall. This was followed by a mid-month second visit to Bridgewater Gardens and a few days later a tour of the Winter Gardens theatre at Morecambe and a walk southwards along the canal from Hest Bank, although disappointingly the earlier blue sky had changed to dull grey.DSCF4598 - CopyDSCF4635 - CopyDSCF4824 - CopyDSCF4992 - Copy
November was mostly a very wet month, it had rained almost every day since before Halloween but on one of the very few fine days I managed to get out for a walk along a section of the Manchester, Bolton & Bury Canal not too far from home. Also that month I discovered a large old water wheel and a packhorse bridge, both fairly local to me but which I’d previously known nothing about.
DSCF5075 - CopyDSCF5090 - CopyDSCF5114 - CopyDSCF5131 - Copy
As for December, the highlight of the month occurred just yesterday on the day of New Year’s Eve but I’ve not had the chance to sort out all the photos yet, so I’ll just say it was an experience and it was ‘different’ and all will be revealed in my next post. Thanks to all my readers for checking out my various posts over the last twelve months and here’s to a great 2023 for everyone.

16 thoughts on “A quick review of ’22

  1. A great roundup, and it just goes to show that you donโ€™t need to go all that far from home to see lovely scenery and make new discoveries. Apart from the trip to London in November I havenโ€™t left Scotland for almost three years now and the U.K. for almost four. I itch to go a bit further this year, but Iโ€™d still be happy with my lot of I didnโ€™t. All the best for 2023, Eunice!


  2. It just goes to show what stunning places are on our own doorsteps in the UK. I love those snowdrops. I have noted some good snowdrop places to visit this year. Fingers crossed for good weather. Lovely post.


  3. And before long we’ll be doing it all again, Eunice! Bring on the snowdrops! (but I haven’t taken my Christmas decorations down yet) Wales is beautiful when the sun shines, isn’t it? Hoping you stay healthy, and get your fair share of travels in ’23.


    1. My little Christmas tree will stay up until the weekend Jo – I haven’t the heart to take it down before then ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m hoping that in the summer I have the opportunity do what I was doing on Saturday but in better weather.


  4. To be honest I didn’t think I’d done a great lot during the year but now having written it down I did more than I thought ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope any New Year celebrations went well for you and you have a great 2023.


  5. What a great year you have enjoyed. I love to travel vicariously through you, Eunice, and with your amazing photography skills I often feel like I am there beside you.
    Happy New Year! X


  6. I feel the same when I read your blog Jules. You live in such a lovely area and your photos of the lakes and fells often show places I may never actually get to so its nice visit them through your pictures ๐Ÿ™‚


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