Hornby Castle Gardens and a quick trip to Morecambe

Just a few days ago the dogs and I paid a visit to Hornby Castle Gardens during the snowdrop open weekend. I’d originally been undecided about going as (according to the website) with it being early in the season some of the snowdrops were only just getting going but this was the only weekend the gardens could open, however we hadn’t had a decent day out so far this year and the weather was promising so off we went.
If I thought that getting there soon after the 11am opening time would avoid what would later be a lot of visitors I was wrong, there was quite a queue to pay at the table set up just inside the main gates. With a history talk scheduled for 12 noon at the main house most people seemed to be heading up that way so I went in the opposite direction to where it might be a bit quieter, starting with the woodland walk.
DSCF5589 - CopyDSCF5591 - CopyDSCF5593 - CopyDSCF5594 - CopyDSCF5596 - CopyDSCF5597 - Copy
Past the pond the path led me to the walled garden but with bare flower beds and nothing much growing anywhere there was very little to see so I went down to the riverside, walking along by the water then following a steep path up to the corner of the castle lawns. Across the front of the castle steep steps took me back down onto the main driveway and with nothing else to see I headed back to the main road and the car park.
DSCF5598 - CopyDSCF5599 - CopyDSCF5620 - CopyDSCF5602 - CopyDSCF5603 - CopyDSCF5607 - CopyDSCF5608 - CopyDSCF5609 - CopyDSCF5610 - CopyDSCF5617 - CopyDSCF5616 - CopyDSCF5615 - CopyDSCF5613 - Copy
The Lodge
River Wenning from the road bridge, Hornby village
Still only lunch time and with the rest of the afternoon ahead it was too early to think about going back home once I left Hornby Castle so I headed for Morecambe and an excellent filling lunch of home made steak pie, mash, veg and gravy in Rita’s Cafe on the promenade, followed by a mooch round the indoor Festival Market then a walk down to West End and back along the promenade as far as the Eric Morecambe statue before returning to the van and finally heading for home.
DSCF5646 - CopyDSCF5633 - CopyDSCF5634 - CopyDSCF5638 - CopyDSCF5640 - CopyDSCF5642 - Copy
The daylight hours increasing slowly each day meant that I was back home before it started to go dark, with the dogs having slept all the way back. As far as days out go there had been nothing special about this one but it had been good to have a few hours away from my local area, and if dogs could talk I’m sure Snowy and Poppie would agree.

18 thoughts on “Hornby Castle Gardens and a quick trip to Morecambe

  1. A no-nonsense cafe with no-nonsense prices BC and that was quite a plateful. I can recommend the liver with mash, veg and onion gravy too. I usually go there for a meal when I’m in Morecambe, it saves me cooking something when I get home 🙂


  2. It made a nice change to get out for the day and I enjoyed the drive there and back as much as the day itself. To be honest though, I don’t think I would go back to Hornby Castle so early in the year – it’s nice for a dog walk but with not much growing anywhere there’s not really a lot to see.


  3. I did see a few visitors as I walked round but not that many, most people seemed to be up at the main house for the history talk. The weather was actually sunnier than it looks on the photos, the cloud cover made it look less so, and it was good to get away from home for a few hours.


  4. The gardens at Hornby Castle are lovely in late spring/early summer and provide several opportunities for good photos. Parts of the building date back to the 13th century, it was remodelled in 1720 and by the sound of it has some lovely period features inside. It’s a private family residence though, partly turned into apartments, so sadly it’s not open to visitors.

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  5. With all the wet weather we’ve had here over the last two or three months I’ve not really been anywhere proper with the dogs for ages so it made a change to get out for the day. It’s nice that the castle gardens and grounds are dog friendly and they do make for a good walk, much nicer in summer though 🙂


  6. The castle gardens are lovely when everything is green and the rhododendrons are out. It was a pity the snowdrops weren’t fully out but we enjoyed the walk round anyway 🙂


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