Manchester street art – January/February 2023

Since the beginning of the year the street art scene around the city centre hasn’t produced very much new stuff – presumably various artists have been staying out of the cold wet weather – so again I’ve combined what I found over two months, plus a couple of paste-ups, into this one post.
Two of the gable end advertising walls have been blank for some weeks and the one which has been painted featured something I wasn’t interested in photographing so this collection kicks off with a long artwork by Sheffield-based Marcus Method and one of Jay Sharples’ distinctive ape faces in Thomas Street, while the window decoration at the nearby pet shop is something I don’t normally see as the shutter is usually down.
DSCF5750 - CopyDSCF5752 - Copy
The artists of the next three works are all unknown though the collection of bees on a shutter, which I came across unexpectedly and is best viewed from a distance, were instantly recognisable as being by Qubek, while I loved the amusing ‘A’ board, done by another unknown artist, outside a bar.
DSCF5460 - CopyDSCF5461 - CopyDSCF5574 - CopyDSCF5753 - Copy
The quirky paste-ups were on a corner wall not far from Stevenson Square and the monochrome drag queen, if that’s what it was supposed to be, was at the bottom of the main staircase in Afflecks – it was part of an advert for a series of artworks further up the stairs but when I got there I found the top floor and its staircase closed off so I couldn’t find any others. Another typewriter by Wrdsmith was a chance find as it was right down at the bottom of a corner wall and quite easy to miss.
DSCF5834 - CopyDSCF5885 - CopyDSCF5892 - CopyDSCF5893 - CopyDSCF5884 - CopyDSCF5832 - Copy
Away from the Northern Quarter and somewhere off Deansgate yet another multi-storey multi-purpose office building was being constructed, with colourful pictures on the surrounding street-side hoardings of what it would (presumably) look like once finished. On Deansgate itself I came across the highly decorated window of a design and print shop – it looked so nice I thought it deserved more than one photo – then back in the NQ and down a narrow side street I found an artwork by Alex Cullen, only the second one of his/hers I’ve found so far.
DSCF5584 - CopyDSCF5585 - CopyDSCF5583 - CopyDSCF5586 - CopyDSCF5576 - CopyDSCF5577 - CopyDSCF5580 - CopyDSCF5582 - CopyDSCF5578 - CopyDSCF5579 - CopyDSCF5743 - Copy
The final artwork in this batch is a vibrant piece done by very talented London-based artist Katie Scott on a section of Afflecks wall in Church Street, although due to the number of nearby poles, street signs and passing cars photographing the whole thing wasn’t an easy task.
DSCF5570 - CopyDSCF5572 - CopyDSCF5569 - CopyDSCF5573 - Copy
Well that just about wraps up my finds for January and last month. I’ve already got a few new finds for this month after my most recent visit to the city last weekend so I’m hoping that, weather permitting, I can add to them over the next two or three weeks for another post at the end of the month.

4 thoughts on “Manchester street art – January/February 2023

  1. Not too bad considering there’s not a lot of new stuff around just now. I might have to consider going further afield in the future if I want to find something different.


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