Scavenger photo hunt – August

It’s photo challenge time once again and this month’s topics are – moving, boxes, starts with ‘D’, breakfast, making, and as always, my own choice. Admittedly a couple of these had me scratching my head and I wasn’t sure I’d find anything suitable but almost by accident I came up with something so here we go –
The first shot was taken in 2011 while I was camping at Filey in North Yorkshire. I’d gone to Bridlington for the afternoon, a place I’d never been to before, and while wandering round the seafront fairground decided to test the sports shot facility on my recently bought camera. The log flume seemed to be a good choice to ‘freeze’ a rapidly moving object and the results came out quite well.
Centenary Way Filey - April '11 129
Moving – log flume boat on its descent
The opportunity for the next topic arrived at just the right time. My friend Lin was clearing out her spare bedroom and needed to put some things into storage temporarily so last weekend a couple of hours of my time were taken up in helping her to move her stuff down to the rented lock up. My large mpv was packed full of boxes and it took four trolley loads to get everything into the unit.
Boxes – some had already been taken off this trolley
The next shot was taken back in April 2007 while I was looking after two dogs in my role as pet sitter. Fliss and Daisy lived in a large detached house only a few streets away from me and belonged to the lady vicar of the local parish church. They were lovely dogs, I looked after them several times and was quite sad when the family moved to another town.
George & Maggie, Fliss & Daisy - Feb. & April 07 011
Starts with ‘D’ – dogs. Daisy on the left, Fliss on the right
A photo of my breakfast on a tray would be too obvious and very unexciting so after a bit of head scratching and quite by accident I ‘thought outside the box’ and came up with the next photo. Breakfast At Tiffany’s has long been a favourite film and I remember when I first saw it on tv back in the 70s – being the animal lover I am I cried near the end when the main character threw her cat out of the taxi into the pouring rain, then I cried again when she went back and found it cowering wet through under a cardboard box. I bought the dvd several years ago and even now that cat brings a lump to my throat.
Breakfast at Tiffany's 2
Breakfast – (at Tiffany’s) – one of my favourite films
Another head scratcher now as I don’t bake, knit, sew, or otherwise make anything on the domestic front, however the next shot, even though I used it in a previous post several weeks ago, just lends itself nicely to the topic so I just couldn’t resist using it again.
DSCF5699 - Copy
Making – the mess Michael was making while rearranging his room
And finally, another ‘by accident’ shot now which I found while trawling the archives for a nice view to end the challenge. On a camping holiday in Norfolk back in 2010 I was taking the dogs for an early morning walk when I came across a wheelie bin with a picture stuck on the front of it. Not only was it cute it also made me smile so much I just had to have one, so back home I tracked one down via the internet and stuck it to the back of the door in the spare bedroom which is now Michael’s room. It’s still there and it makes him smile too.
My own choice – a poster which always makes me smile
Well that’s it for another month and as usual I’m linking up with Kate’s blog, so I’m settling down with a brew now and hopping over to see what delights others have chosen this time.


Scavenger photo hunt – July

It’s photo hunt time again and the topics for this month are – something purple, shades of green, starts with ‘F’, still life, snapped at this moment and as always, my own choice. The first one proved to be difficult at first as for some unknown reason purple isn’t a colour which has ever featured in my life – I don’t dislike it, it’s just that I haven’t really got anything of that colour in the house – however I suddenly remembered something I do have.
Last year, at one of the animal sanctuary open days, I tried my luck on a tombola stall – not something I would normally do as I never win anything but this time I did, and got a small purple and white fluffy dog. I originally intended to donate it back to the sanctuary but it’s quite cute so I decided to keep it for a while and it’s still here.
Something purple – my tombola prize
My next choice shows a patchwork of green fields taken from the plane on a flight to Ireland in December 2018. Back in 1959 American country singer Johnny Cash wrote the song ‘Forty Shades Of Green’ while on a trip to Ireland though many people assume it’s an Irish folk ballad, and while several other singers have done their own versions of it over the years my favourite will always be the one by Irish singer Daniel O’Donnell. I don’t think there are forty shades of green in this photo but there are certainly quite a few.
Copy of Ireland - dec. 2018 004
Shades of green – on a flight to Ireland
Just over a week ago it was Michael’s birthday; a couple of weeks previously I’d asked him what he wanted but got the usual very unhelpful reply of “I don’t know, get me anything”. It was round about then that he decided to rearrange his room and we came to the conclusion that he really needed another chest of drawers though it would have to be a certain size to fit in the space available. ‘Normal’ furniture shops didn’t seem to have anything suitable but I managed to find the perfect thing in one of the larger charity shops the day before his birthday – well I don’t suppose many people can say they got a chest of drawers as a birthday present, though I did also get him a new t-shirt and light jumper.
Starts with ‘F’ – furniture
The next shot is one I used in a post last month but it fits the topic nicely so I just had to use it again. While on a walk along a section of the Lancaster Canal I saw a heron standing as still as a statue in a canal overflow channel; it was still there in exactly the same place two hours later, it hadn’t moved at all, so I guess you could say that really was still life.
DSCF5485 - Copy
Still life – heron at the Lancaster Canal
In early June, after finding an Elephant Hawk Moth while cutting the long grass in the back garden, I decided to leave an uncut area as a wildlife garden for any creatures who wished to visit and I got a lovely reward a couple of weeks ago. As I was passing the landing window one day I just happened to look down into the garden and saw a couple of pretty little goldfinches in among the weeds – a photo opportunity not to be missed so I quickly grabbed the camera, and though the first shots came out a bit blurred as I took them through the window I managed to open it without scaring them off and got a good shot of one of them. I’ve never seen goldfinches in the garden before so I was really thrilled to see these two, especially as it was just one brief moment as I passed the window, a moment which could so easily have been missed.
Snapped at this moment – a goldfinch in the garden
My own choice this month is one I came across while searching my photo archives from several years ago though there’s quite a long and sad story behind it which I will expand on at a later date, maybe next week. The shot was taken from a beach in Northumberland on an occasion where a large group of people, myself included, had gathered on a walk in memory and celebration of a much loved blind dog who had tragically lost its life to the sea.
The dog’s name was Kip and one of the many people who had helped to search for him when he went missing was a member of the local lifeboat crew – as we walked along the beach the lifeboat sailed parallel to the shore and stopped when we stopped. The weather, although initially very sunny, had suddenly changed and a brief but heavy rain shower hit us while we were on the beach but as Kip’s owner scattered his ashes along the sand the most gorgeous rainbow appeared over the sea – and yes, it really was that bright.
Kip's rainbow
My own choice – Kip’s rainbow
Well that’s just about it for this month, I hope everyone likes my choices and once again I’m linking up with Kate’s blog to see what shots other people have chosen this time.

Scavenger photo hunt – June

Not having taken part in the photo challenge for the last couple of months, and almost forgetting about it this time, I’ve just managed to sort out a hastily put-together selection of shots for this months topics which are – my garden, flowers, insects, sunset/sunrise, something wild, and my own choice – so here goes.
I’ve mentioned before on this blog that I’m not a gardener, never have been, never will be, and my idea of gardening is ‘plant it, leave it, and if it survives then great’, so any work I do outdoors is limited to cutting the grass and trimming the shrubs. While I was strimming the back garden a couple of weeks ago a very pretty moth fluttered out of the long grass – I’d never seen one like that before and as I also discovered several foxgloves and a few other flowers I’ve never had before I decided to leave a large patch of grass uncut to encourage any wild creatures who wish to visit. To a serious gardener some of these things may very well be classed as weeds, but then a weed is only a wild flower growing in the wrong place and in my garden it doesn’t matter.
DSCF5694 - Copy
My garden – one of the ‘wild’ bits
Just over a week ago I called in at my local Aldi on my way home from work and found some lovely little flowering plants for just 99p. I’ve seen these things in various gardens but never known what they are called so I just refer to them as ‘fluffy flowers’ though they are actually Celosia. There were a few different colours so I picked a red one – the primulas I put on Sophie’s little patch of garden in February died off in April when the weather became warm so I got this as a replacement. I chose red as not only is it my favourite colour but Sophie’s collar was red too.
Flowers – the new plant for Sophie’s patch
I’ve taken a few photos of butterflies just recently but I wanted something a bit different for the next topic so a search of the archives came up with a couple of exotic creatures at Pili Palas butterfly house on Anglesey. To be honest I wasn’t particularly impressed with the place at the time, it promised ‘hundreds of butterflies flying all around you’ but all the ones I saw were completely docile and were either feeding on fruit or appeared to be asleep – I did get a few good photos though.

Anglesey - June 2016 009

Anglesey - June 2016 003
Insects – an exotic butterfly feeding on fruit
The next shot was taken during the Easter weekend in April last year when I was camping at a small out-of-the-way campsite in Cumbria. I’d wakened very early one morning and looked out to see the deep colours of a lovely sunrise over the fells beyond the site – it was a photo worth taking so I grabbed the camera, went out to stand in front of the van and snatched a couple of shots before the sky became light enough to lose all its colour.
Easter - April 2019 139 - Copy
Sunrise/sunset – Sunrise over the fells somewhere in Cumbria
My next shot was taken just a couple of days ago while out on a walk with Poppie. Out of the corner of my eye I caught a movement on the grass across a road and managed to grab the shot but I won’t say where I was as it will be included in my next Monday walk post.
Something wild – rabbit or hare? I can’t decide
My final shot was taken while on a camping holiday during the long hot summer of 2018. It’s a great example of social isolation as it’s not a very well known place and I was the only person there at the time – and looking at the photo I’m wishing I was there now.
anglesey - june 2018 081
My own choice – Portobello Beach, Anglesey
Well that just about wraps up my selections for this month’s challenge so I’ll be hopping over to Kate’s blog soon to see what photos others have chosen this time.


Scavenger photo hunt – March

Caring for my little dog Sophie and the following emotional devastation of her death meant I didn’t manage to take part in the photo challenge last month, and given the current crisis I wasn’t sure if it would go ahead this time but thanks to Kate it has done. The topics for this month are – birthday, jazzy, flag, three, cushion and as always, my own choice, so here’s what I’ve selected this time.
I always try, if I can, to make sure that I have some time off work in early June so I can celebrate my birthday while on a camping holiday and June 2014 was no exception. Previous to going away I’d been given a few cards by Michael and his extended family, plus a small cake, so I took them all with me and on the day set them out on top of the unit in my tent. Unfortunately the top of the flower on the cake got broken in transit but it didn’t matter, the cake itself was delicious.
Anglesey - June 2014 004
Birthday – in the tent on an Anglesey camp site
The next one proved to be a bit of a challenge as the one item I could have used has already been featured in a previous month, however searching through one of my wardrobes I found the ideal thing. I bought the designer jacket with a colourful jazzy pattern back in 1992 from a very exclusive local boutique – at today’s prices it would be considered reasonable but back then it was quite expensive. Worn with a plain black top and trousers it looked good, still does though I never go anywhere these days to wear it.
Jazzy – my designer jacket
One of the dog walks I occasionally do takes me past a pub set on the corner of a narrow residential road not far from the local countryside. I don’t normally take much notice of the building but the name was appropriate to the next topic so last week I purposely went to photograph the attractive sign on the front wall.
Flag – the Flag Inn sign
The next shot was taken just yesterday while walking Poppie on my one currently permitted period of exercise. Although I live at No. 3 photographing my door number would be too obvious – and it’s too ordinary to photograph anyway – so I decided to search out a possible example and found it in these three daffodils growing together close to a stone wall.
Three – daffodils on a dog walk
The next subject is very special to me and even more so to Michael. The original photo was taken on Michael’s wedding day in 2007; in 2016 the cushion was made as a birthday present for his dad in June that year, then four months later when we accompanied him back to Ireland to spend his last days there it was packed for him to take with him. After he passed away I brought the cushion back here and it’s lived in Michael’s room ever since, though as we have very few photos of him and his dad together it’s kept as a memory rather than something to be used.
Cushion – something very special to both of us
For my own choice it’s hard to select just one out of the thousands of photos I have, but with Easter not far off I decided to choose this one. It was taken on a very sunny Good Friday in 2014, on the riverside walk along the River Dee running through the lovely little town of Llangollen in North Wales.
Station Camp Site - Easter 2014 011
My own choice – River Dee, Llangollen
Well that’s just about it for this month. Thanks go to Kate for continuing to host the challenge, as usual I’m linking up with her blog and will hop over there soon to see what everyone else has chosen for this month’s topics.