A sweet little surprise

While cleaning in the kitchen at work this morning I moved the large kitchen bin to mop the floor underneath and saw what I thought was a small bit of paper down in the corner. I was just about to bend down and pick it up when it moved – it wasn’t a bit of paper at all, it was a tiny baby frog not much more than in inch long and so pale that it almost blended in with its surroundings. How it managed to get there is a mystery as the kitchen is quite a distance from the works entrance and it was so small it could easily have been trodden on by someone’s big work boot. I couldn’t leave it where it was though so I caught it and took it outside.
The works building is surrounded on three sides by woodland and on the right there’s a bank sloping down to a stream, so I thought that would be an ideal place to release my little friend. Walking halfway down the bank I placed him gently on the ground near the base of a tree then waited and watched – sod work, I wanted to make sure he was safe. He stayed still for a minute then with a couple of hops he was gone, disappearing under some damp leaves a few feet from the tree. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of him as I didn’t have my camera with me, which was a shame as he really was the sweetest little thing – fingers crossed he stays safe, finds some friends and lives a long and happy life somewhere in the woodland.

4 thoughts on “A sweet little surprise

  1. My job may be quite mundane a lot of the time but it does occasionally throw up a few surprises and the little frog was one of them. We’ve had a couple of mice in the works kitchen before now but that’s the first time we’ve had a frog. I felt quite sad to see him go so I hope he survives.


  2. Aw! I used to take frogspawn and watch it turn into tadpoles and then tiny, tiny frogs before letting them go in a nearby river (until I was old enough to realise I shouldn’t be doing that) so I have a soft spot for mini amphibians! I hope he goes on to live a full and happy frog life!


  3. Hi, and thanks for your comment. Where I live there used to be a reservoir close by and we always had lots of frogs around – they were often on the pavements and when I went out with the dogs at night I had to watch that I didn’t step on the tiny ones. Then the land was sold to a developer, the reservoir was drained and a new housing estate was built – the frogs all disappeared and I haven’t seen any round here for many years. 😦


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