What’s so special about Facebook??

That’s a rhetorical question to which I don’t need or want an answer but it seems to me that many people these days act as if it’s the holy bible of the internet and the be-all and end-all of social media, to the point where a person is excluded from certain things unless they are a Facebook member.
For a few years now a friend and her daughter have been trying to persuade me to join Facebook but I’ve always steadfastly refused, being of the opinion that a lot of people on there are brainless morons and troublemakers, and I speak from experience. I’m not going into detail but several years ago, when I worked in a senior school, I was the target of a lot of unwarranted personal and malicious name calling, sniggering and verbal backchat which stemmed from something a certain pupil had posted about me on Facebook and shared among her friends. It was deeply upsetting at the time but fortunately it didn’t last too long before the pupil in question was dealt with, though I vowed there and then that I would never everΒ  join Facebook.
Fast forward to one day a couple of weeks ago and through the local community group which I’m a member of – which has nothing to do with Facebook – I learned that a deceased cat had been found at the side of the main road not far from me and someone was asking who it might belong to. From the description I thought it might belong to one of my bosses so I offered to go and collect it – if it wasn’t my boss’s cat I would take it to the local vet to be scanned for a microchip – however when I got there I found it had been picked up by someone else.
It turned out that this guy was a member of a nationwide group where members collect cats killed on the roads and attempt to reunite them with their owners before they are picked up by local council operatives and dumped in the trash to be disposed of, leaving their owners wondering what happened to them when they didn’t come home. The group was started a couple of years ago in conjunction with a campaign to get the government to pass a law requiring all cats killed on the roads to be classed the same as dogs and the accidents reported.
Having had a couple of my own cats go missing in previous years and not knowing what had happened to them I was very interested in becoming an active member of this group – if I could reunite just one deceased pet with its owner it would be worth it – so the guy gave me the details and the phone number of the local woman who started it and runs it. I phoned her later that day but guess what? – to join the group I have to be on Facebook as that’s how they operate and get in touch with individual members. So I guess I won’t be becoming a member after all – it’s a shame but I absolutely refuse to go against my own principles and join Facebook just to join that group.
Another example of this Facebook thing occurred only yesterday. Through my Postcossing hobby I was made aware of Postcards of Kindness, an initiative run by age uk where people write and send postcards to residents of care homes to brighten up their days. Again this was something I would be interested in doing but yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s a Facebook group so unless I become a Facebook member I can’t take part.
I really can’t understand what’s so special about Facebook – it’s as if most people, whether individuals or businesses, can’t function without it and everyone expects everyone else to be on it. Well I may be considered to be something of a dinosaur in the world of technology and social media – I’m not on Twitter either – but though it’s a tad annoying that some things are denied to me my life so far has jogged along nicely and it will no doubt continue to do so without the need for Facebook.

18 thoughts on “What’s so special about Facebook??

  1. πŸ™€ Wow ❗️ I got two ‘indoor’ Cat & kitty with outdoor viewing 😸 I dumped malicious FB yrs ago ❗️
    Laws & Ordinances in the US mean nothing any more whilst there is no enforcement 😒


  2. I’m sorry to learn you have been a victim of bullying because that’s what it was. I totally agree with you about Facebook and I must be a dinosaur too. I was asked to join the private group for the puppy classes I attend so I made an account especially to be a part of that but haven’t posted on it. I’m a part of my local community group just like you are and that’s enough for me.


    1. It was Facebook which was one of the reasons why Michael and the first Laura split up 12 months ago. He still goes on it but only to play the online game with his friends over in Ireland. As for me, I’m determined to keep well away from it


  3. I am with you 100%. I have tried FB, briefly, and found it a loathsome platform and I refuse to be part of it.

    Like you, there are a couple of volunteer groups I would love to be involved with but they are absolutely Intransigent that you HAVE to be part of FB, so I won’t. This will change eventually, I hope. Remember Yahoo Groups? Or Webshots? Once upon a time they were the be-all and end-all and now they don’t exist, I’d love to think that one day FaceBook will go the same way.


    1. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of Webshots but I remember Yahoo Groups – a camping group I was once a member of was on Yahoo Groups but everyone knew everyone and it was nothing like FB. Going back to when broadband first arrived and was too expensive for most people – I was still on dial-up – I dabbled for a while with MySpace but when I changed my pc for a better one I didn’t bother with it after that.

      Thinking about the cat group I wanted to join, the woman I spoke to on the phone had quite a condescending attitude towards me – I can’t be doing with people like that so if she has the same attitude in her FB posts maybe it’s for the best that I can’t join the group


  4. I’ve actually been able to get onto WordPress again & hopefully leave this comment. I don’t do FB & my post earlier today mentioned it if you want to read what I said. I’ve only ever had my blog & access to email which is a must for me with my intellectually disabled brother. Pity about the Volunteer groups, but you may eventually find one that isn’t completely dependent on it. Take care & hugs.


    1. I did read your post and leave a comment, that’s a really lovely quilt you’ve done πŸ™‚ I’m actually on Instagram which isn’t too bad as it’s mainly a platform for people’s photos, though I only post an odd photo of my own here and there, usually something that is, or soon will be, on this blog.


  5. I don’t mind Facebook. I think if you stay in your own bubble of friends it’s not to bad. But public Facebook groups can get quite bitchy at times so I tend to stay off them. Facebook has helped with reuniting people and pets round here, it is a quick way of getting the word out if you find a wandering dog or cat or lose your own. X


    1. I’ve been active on Doglost for many years, they have a proper website and contact members by automatic email without all the faff of everyone needing to be on FB so I’m sure this cat group could do the same. Anyway, as for FB in general I have better things to do with my time than waste it on there.

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  6. Sharon has more or less said what I was going to say! My friends on FB are very restricted and I only join groups that are very benign. If they become annoying (usually by over-posting rather than any unpleasantness) I just leave. So I manage to keep away from all the toxic stuff.


  7. My friend’s daughter once said if I went on FB I would be able to chat to her and her mum and share photos – fine, but if I wanted to chat I only needed to walk 50 yards round the corner, knock on her door and I could have a brew as well πŸ™‚


  8. I’ve also experienced the negative side Facebook. It’s a shame, as social media can be used for some really great connections, though I really don’t understand why some groups and businesses insist on being a member in order to be involved.
    Only this week I approached a local business, having seen a picture of a product I was interested in, only to be told to just look on their Facebook page. I guess they’ve just lost this potential customer. X


    1. That doesn’t sound like good customer relations does it? I think maybe a lot of businesses focus too much on the social media side of things instead of interacting with customers the ‘normal’ way.

      I came across something else yesterday – a charity dog walk sponsored by an insurance company during October. You pick from their list which animal charity you want to support, do your own dog walk – no set day or distance – and for every Β£5 you raise or donate they will also donate Β£5. Sounds great and I could do it easily BUT you have to post pics of your dogs on the walk to their FB page. So I guess that’s something else I won’t be doing 😦


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