September in Cumbria – return to the Lakes

A day in which I meet one of the most obnoxious people I’ve ever come across…
The middle Sunday of September saw me leaving home in drizzly rain and grey cloud for my second holiday at the Cumbrian farm site I love so much, though I hadn’t gone too far up the M6 before the rain stopped. By the time I’d got past the turn off for Lancaster and Morecambe the sun was shining, staying with me all the way to the camp site, and with just two caravans and two campervans across from the tent pitches it looked like it would be a quiet week.
Dotted about round the site are several picnic benches available for anyone to take onto their pitch and use while they are there so with the tent up and everything organised inside I’d dragged the nearest one, which was sitting in the middle of the grass at the end of the site, onto my pitch so I could fasten the dogs’ tie-out cables to the legs. There had been no-one around at the time but I was just about to make a brew later on when the guy from the caravan on the pitch diagonally opposite came across – and you’ll just have to imagine his tone of voice, which wasn’t very nice at all.
Pointing to the picnic bench he said “I was going to use that!!” Now to suddenly be spoken to like that by someone I’d never met before rather surprised and shocked me but before I could say anything he pointed to a bench further down the site and said “I suppose I’ll have to go and get that one now!!” and off he went, back into his caravan. I saw him a while later carrying another bench along the track through the site but he dumped it on the next-but-one pitch to mine and when I looked later I saw it was more of a child sized one so obviously not big enough for him.
DSCF0684 - CopyDSCF0413 - Copy
Now I could ~ maybe ~ have understood this guy’s attitude if ‘my’ bench had been on or very close to his pitch, in which case I wouldn’t have taken it anyway, but it had been nowhere near his caravan so I didn’t know why he should decide to claim ownership of it and come over and verbally accost me. Needless to say, although I did speak to several other people on site over the course of the next ten days I kept well away from him and didn’t let the encounter spoil my holiday.

22 thoughts on “September in Cumbria – return to the Lakes

  1. Holy cow…that’s awful. I am so glad this encounter didn’t ruin your trip. There are rude people everywhere…I guess you can’t escape them even in the wilderness…


    1. They closed up the caravan and disappeared two days later, not coming back to the site until the Friday, so presumably they had gone back home for a few days. I got talking to his wife on the day I came home, in fact she actually came across to speak to me, and she was okay. I don’t know if he’d ever said anything to her about the bench but she never mentioned it to me πŸ™‚

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  2. So sorry your visit started with such a rude man.

    I always try to tell myself that when someone behaves like that it is because of who they are inside and NOT because of anything you have done, however, it’s a damn sight easier to say that than live it – especially when you are only feet away from them on a campsite.

    Glad to read you did not let it spoil your holiday. x


    1. I found out later that his caravan was there for the season so if he’d really wanted the bench he could have taken it at any time before I arrived. His attitude just reinforces my opinion of a lot of seasonal caravanners, they think they own the place and can do what they want just because they are paying a hefty price for the season. Oddly enough I never saw him or his wife when I was there in June/July and his caravan wasn’t there so they must have arrived later in the summer. And it would take a lot more than an obnoxious idiot like that to spoil my holiday.


  3. I’m sorry to hear about that E. it’s obviously upset you at the time for you to blog about it now. It’s easy to say don’t let knobs like this get to you, but you’d not be human for it it not to. I must admit I take some delight in winding knobs like this up as much as I possibly can, but it rarely ends well!πŸ˜‚πŸ₯² I’m sure you’re so much more responsible than me though!
    I hope you had a nice time anyway
    P xx


  4. It didn’t really upset me as such Paul, just surprised me more than anything but I didn’t dwell on it. I’m only blogging about it now as I’ve only been home a week and it’s taken me till now to edit the gazillions of photos I took to go on the blog πŸ™‚ I keep checking your blog for more walks, I hope you haven’t given up πŸ™‚


  5. He sounds like an idiot with a sense of entitlement. Anyway it looks like Snowy took ownership of the bench and stuck four paws up at him. Pleased to hear idiot didn’t spoil your holiday.


  6. I hate encounters like this, I’m such a wuss that I take things to heart and it would have put a downer on my whole holiday. Some people just think they’re entitled to anything they want and don’t care how they speak to other people.


  7. Sometimes it makes me wonder if people like that make it their mission in life to be verbally rude and aggressive 😦 There were several other benches on the site which he could have had if he’d really wanted one so I don’t know what was so special about that one. Pity I didn’t have a lion or tiger fastened to it, he wouldn’t have come anywhere near then! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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