Manchester street art – July/August 2022

A couple of visits to Manchester during the last few weeks didn’t produce as many new artworks as I expected so for this post I’ve combined the photos I took in July with those taken on the August bank holiday weekend. Following my usual route from Victoria station on both occasions my first two ‘finds’ were on the gable end walls used for advertising in Salmon Street; I really liked the bright colours of the first one although the bottom part was hidden by a fence, while round the corner a bunch of quirky animals were advertising Chester Zoo
DSCF3864 - CopyDSCF4251 - CopyDSCF4252 - CopyDSCF3870 - CopyDSCF3872 - Copy-horzDSCF4255 - CopyDSCF4256 - CopyDSCF3873 - CopyDSCF4257 - CopyDSCF3874 - Copy
The centre of Stevenson Square had undergone one of its regular makeovers, this time by the current artist in residence at Fred Aldous art and craft shop, though it still irks me slightly that the old toilet block is always surrounded by metal barriers and I can never get a clear and unobstructed photo of whatever is on the walls at the time.
DSCF3878 - CopyDSCF3879 - CopyDSCF3877 - CopyDSCF4260 - CopyDSCF4262 - CopyDSCF4263 - CopyDSCF3876 - CopyDSCF3875 - CopyDSCF3887 - CopyDSCF3886 - Copy
Deserting the NQ on one occasion I meandered down to Castlefield – more of that in a later post – and found some more quirky artworks en route. A shutter with its decoration left over from the Jubilee weekend, colourful steps leading to a residential area, and outside a pub a board with the face of a rather sad looking dog which I just couldn’t resist.
DSCF3893 - Copy (2)DSCF3055 - CopyDSCF3894 - CopyDSCF3051 - CopyDSCF3052 - CopyDSCF3036 - CopyDSCF3038 - Copy
Although on each of my two most recent visits to the city I didn’t find as many new artworks as I thought I would I was happy with those I did find, though by the time I’d walked a zig-zag route from the NQ all the way to Castlefield and back to Victoria Station I was certainly ready to relax for a while once I got home.

14 thoughts on “Manchester street art – July/August 2022

    1. I think that one was promoting something in connection with one of the well known high street banks, the logo was on the right hand side but partially obscured by parked cars so I cropped it off the photo. If the artwork is of a real person then I hope she likes it πŸ™‚


  1. There are some fabulous examples of how to brighten up our city streets here Eunice. My favourites are – Mr Bean, the steps and the last one, but they’re all good. Manchester certainly has some talented street artists.


  2. I love the steps, especially the second set as they are so colourful. I think the last one is brilliant, to incorporate the window frames and street level doors into it must have taken some doing.


  3. There is some impressive art on display in Manchester, you have captured it well. I was in Liverpool the other week and there is comparably little urban art. I wonder why Manchester is streets ahead? (sorry about the pun)


    1. There’s certainly some good stuff in the city centre, more in the outlying areas too but could be a bit of a pain to get to. A coincidence you should mention Liverpool – I’ve been led to believe there’s quite a good amount of street art in a couple of areas within easy walking distance of the stations and I’ve been meaning to go there for a while. You have just jogged my memory so I may get there soon πŸ™‚

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  4. Thanks for the comment Susie, it’s nice to hear from you after so long, I hope you and the husband are both okay. The artworks are really colourful and the positive messages are great πŸ™‚


  5. I suppose in a way you need to know where to look – there are several popular sites in the city centre which get painted regularly but it’s always worth exploring the back streets and alleyways as they often produce some unexpected and excellent artworks. I’ve been street art hunting for three years now so I know where to look for new artworks but it’s still a nice surprise when I come across something in a bit of an ‘odd’ place.


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