Another one for my collection

Today I added another mouse ornament to my collection. It’s one from the Country Artists range, dated 1999, and is titled Pair of Mice & Old Bike Saddle. At just less than 3 ins tall it’s quite a delicate little piece and really quite pretty, though the photo doesn’t do it justice. I got it off ebay, which is where a great majority of my collectibles have come from, and it was a steal at just a couple of quid with a very reasonable postage charge.
In actual fact, earlier this evening I quickly checked ebay and found another mouse of a different make, with the auction ending round about 11pm, so I used an auction sniper to put a bid in for me in case I went to bed before the auction finished. I didn’t however, and while I was typing the above paragraph I got an email to say I’d won the mouse for the ‘extravagant’ sum of 99p – now that’s definitely a bargain!

4 thoughts on “Another one for my collection

  1. Over the last few years I’ve found several retired exclusive pieces on ebay which I’ve managed to get very cheaply when the original price would have been upwards of £300 from a collectors club – I’ve often wondered if the sellers don’t know their true value or if they just want to get rid of them. I keep promising myself that one day I’ll get round to cataloguing all my pieces but I’ve not managed it yet.


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