Back from Anglesey – and I definitely need a new tent!

I arrived home late yesterday afternoon from my holiday on Anglesey; weather-wise the eight days had been a bit of a mixed bag, with two days of rain and a day-and-a-half of grey cloudy sky, but the other days were full of sunshine and blue skies and also quite hot.  Other than a few weekenders who arrived last Friday and left on Sunday the camp site was very quiet and I was the only one in the field where I’d chosen to pitch – the peace and quiet were absolutely blissful.
The start of the holiday wasn’t without it’s problems though; if I’d thought that getting a rip in the side of the tent a couple of weeks ago was a disaster then this was a catastrophe of Titanic proportions. I’d got the tent up and was in the process of pegging out the guy lines when it decided to give up the ghost completely – there was a horrendous ripping sound and a huge – and I mean really huge – tear appeared right along the top. The tent was definitely dead this time but luckily I had a back-up plan, which will be explained on my other blog, so it didn’t affect the holiday too much.
My out-and-about days produced plenty of good photos including various animals, birds and flowers, and I even found a couple of places which I’d never been to or seen before. I finally found a beach I’d been looking for for several years and at another beach I managed to get myself cut off by the tide, though fortunately I was able to wade the few yards back to dry land. The dogs had to swim though, and while Poppie was okay with that Sophie wasn’t too impressed. On Monday, armed with a tin of black paint and a couple of artist’s brushes, I took a walk to Tyger’s memorial stone near Rhoscolyn and repainted the faded lettering engraved on it – I really needed a finer brush but it didn’t look too bad, and no doubt by next year it will have faded again so I can do it better next time.
A couple of the grey days were spent on the unsuccessful hunt for a new tent and on one of the days I got a free meal and coffee at the Morrisons cafe in Caernarfon. I also visited my cousin, who I managed to track down at my second attempt, and I spent a good couple of hours with him and his wife, catching up on our respective news over a coffee or two. The sunny days produced some lovely sunsets and glorious colours in the late evening sky and the bedtime dog walks were spent rabbit spotting as there were loads of them hopping about round various parts of the camp site. Early morning yesterday saw me walking the dogs along the nearby beach and at only 6.30am we had the whole place to ourselves; after breakfast a final fling before packing up to come home was a photography walk round Parys Mountain.
Copy of Anglesey - July 2017 012
Nefyn beach – finally found after several years
Copy of Anglesey - July 2017 085
Amlwch harbour
Copy of Anglesey - July 2017 278
A lake on Parys Mountain
Copy of Anglesey - July 2017 084
A random garden at Amlwch
Copy of Anglesey - July 2017 033
Garden flowers at Porth Dinllaen
Copy of Anglesey - July 2017 185
Lesser black backed gull at Holyhead port
Copy of Anglesey - July 2017 062
Late evening sky over the camp site
With well over 200 photos taken during the eight day holiday, and the hot sunny days making up for the dull ones, my much-needed time away was very enjoyable in spite of the tent giving up the ghost at the start. My back-up plan had worked out well enough that the demise of the tent didn’t really spoil things so all in all it was a good holiday. Now all I have to do is sort out my photos and update my other blog – it may take a while!

10 thoughts on “Back from Anglesey – and I definitely need a new tent!

  1. Sorry Sharon, I was doing a major post edit when your comment came through and I sort of lost it so I’ve copied it onto here but it’s come up with my own avatar – stupid WordPress!!

    Yes, I did have quite an eventful time but in a nice way (not counting the tent dying) and I came back a lot more chilled out than when I went so I would say it was worth it 🙂

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  2. That’s a shame your tent gave up the ghost and as for the weather, I did think about you when on Monday and Tuesday it rained hard but thankfully the sun came out on Wednesday. Your photos are lovely, you did get out and about. I’m so pleased you spruced up Tyger’s memorial stone, I’m sure there will be plenty of visitors who will be surprised and pleased too, bless you for doing that. I will look forward to reading more on your camping blog, I’m just happy to hear you had some chill out time.


  3. It was actually dry and sunny on Anglesey when I got there on the Monday; it rained on Tuesday and Friday, that fine drizzly stuff, and on Saturday it was just cloudy and grey though the sun did finally appear during the early evening.

    Doing Tyger’s memorial stone was something that I’ve had in mind since my visit there last year. The inscription was looking faded back then and as I didn’t know if anyone locally looked after the stone I decided to do it myself this year if it hadn’t already been done. I don’t know how many visitors would actually see it as it’s away from the path across the cliff top – one of those things that if you didn’t already know about it you wouldn’t know it was there unless you wandered over towards the cliff edge.

    The tent finally giving up the ghost was a bit of a sad blow – I really loved that tent – but the alternative living/sleeping arrangements worked out quite well and with the site being so quiet I had some good chill out time 🙂


  4. Hi, Eunice! Glad to hear you had a wonderful holiday. What’s a holiday without a little bit of something. Hope you find a tent to your liking. I’ve often wondered how good those tents that get shaken into place are.


  5. If you mean the ‘pop up’ type tents I believe that although they are easy enough to put up they are a nightmare to fold up and put back in the bag afterwards. I don’t like them anyway, they are ugly and look like those pop up laundry baskets 😦

    I saw an ideal tent a couple of weeks ago in a camping shop, right colour and style and within my budget but far too big for my needs and may be difficult to put up in breezy weather. I’m sure I’ll get what I want though if I look long enough and far enough 🙂


  6. Sounds like I’ve got a reputation to keep up then 🙂 In actual fact some of the best shots I’ve ever got on an Anglesey holiday were taken during this one.

    The tent-scapade wasn’t allowed to ruin the holiday, I’d gone prepared for the worst anyway and it just showed that with a bit of forethought I could still camp quite comfortably.


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