Not very happy with the Post Office

After getting into a new hobby with Postcrossing in October last year I’ve been sending out postcards regularly almost every week except the weeks when I’ve been away, but early on in the hobby I found that the young man in my local post office would insist on printing out parcel labels and sticking them on the cards instead of using normal stamps. As I only use postcards of regular size these larger labels have often covered up some of the writing or the unique identification number, something I’ve not been happy with, although if the older guy in there served me he would use, or give me, the proper stamps. So to avoid getting printed labels I’ve used other post offices in the town and never had a problem, I’ve always been given the stamps.
Just before Christmas I went to my local post office as it was more convenient at the time, the older guy served me and I got the normal stamps for my cards, however just this morning I went in again with two more cards and even though I specifically asked for the stamps the younger guy insisted on printing out the parcel labels – it very much seemed as if he was just too lazy to get the book and take the required stamps out of it so I refused the labels and brought the cards back home. As it’s only this post office I have a problem with I was so annoyed that I emailed Customer Services with a complaint –
I wish to complain about a particular service at the ***** post office at *****Road, Bolton, BL***
I am a member of Postcrossing and send out 2 to 4 postcards every week to various people in other countries at a cost of £1.25 each but when I use this post office, which is the nearest to my home, the young man who serves in there insists on printing out a parcel label for each one instead of sticking on or giving me the normal stamps. Unfortunately the labels very often cover the cards’ unique identification numbers or other writing, or they are doubled over and left sticking up at the top, all of which I’m not happy with.
The older man in this post office has always given me the stamps on previous occasions so I know they are available, but only today I went in and *though I specifically asked for the stamps the younger one wanted to print out the labels* – this seems to me like he is just too lazy to get the required stamps out of the book. I have used other post offices in the town and never ever had this problem, I always get the proper stamps, so surely printing out labels is not the norm?
As this is the nearest post office to me I use it regularly but if this is the sort of service which is given then I will be taking my custom elsewhere in the future.
I didn’t expect a reply for a few days but I got a return email only an hour or so later –
Thank you for your email about your experience at the *****Post Office branch. I’m sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with an aspect of the service you receive in the above branch as here at the Post Office we take great pride in providing excellent care and service to all our customers.
I can confirm that if a branch doesn’t have specific values of stamps available to cover the postage cost of an item they would be expected to produce a postage label instead. *As an alternative, customers can purchase specific value stamps and apply them to their items themselves*. It may be worth mentioning this next time you visit the *****branch, as if they don’t have the stamps required in stock they can order them at any time to replenish their supply.
Thank you again for taking the time to bring this to our attention and please accept our sincere apologies for any frustration or concern you may have been caused.
Kind regards,
**** ******
Now although this reply does explain why postage labels are sometimes used instead of stamps, and I can understand that if it really is the case, I feel it rather ignores the main issue, in that even when I ask  for the stamps I still get printed labels from the one particular person in that one branch – I’ve put the significant part of my complaint and of the reply in asterisks as I feel that the matter has been completely glossed over. I would have at least expected to read something along the lines of  “this matter will be brought to the attention of that branch’s staff” but this seems to be more of a stock reply rather than an assurance that my complaint will be dealt with appropriately.
Maybe I’m expecting too much but to be honest this situation has occurred so many times in the past that today was the last straw, and no matter how close to home that particular post office is I’ll be going elsewhere every time from now on.

10 thoughts on “Not very happy with the Post Office

  1. That does just sound like bad customer service, Eunice, rather than an issue with the stamps. They haven’t dealt with it very well.
    However, I was really interested in reading about postcrossing. I’ve never heard of it before. X

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    1. It’s a really interesting hobby Jules, and it’s great to get something through the letter box which isn’t junk mail or bills. I’ve received some lovely cards from various countries since I started it, and just a couple of days before Christmas I got a ‘present’ of six cards all on the same day 🙂 It also makes a good class project for school kids, maybe Lily’s class (with help from the teacher) could be interested in taking part?

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  2. Hi Eunice. What a pain that man is! Really bad service. I do postcrossing and I usually stock up on a couple of books of first and of second. Then on each card I put on one first and one second class stamp. Thad adds up to the correct value apparently. I just post them in the letter box. So no need to actually go to the post office that much. Xx

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  3. It was through reading your blog that I started Postcrossing and I really enjoy it 🙂 To be honest the certain person in my local post office has always been a pain – I knew him when he went to the school where I worked and he was the same back then 😦 I pass one branch three times a week when I go to and from my morning job, there’s one round the corner from my evening job and most weekends when I go into town I can use the main one so to go somewhere else is no trouble.

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  4. If I were you I’d buy some stamps and put them on yourself at home. You can find postage rates online if you need to check for a particular country or when there are postal price increases. If I suffer bad customer service I shop elsewhere too.

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  5. Unless the price goes up in general I don’t need to check the postage, it’s always the same wherever I send card to as it goes on weight, not destination. It seems to be pot luck with this post office as to who serves me – I’ve been in to buy stamps without having cards with me and if it’s the older guy I will get the stamps but if it’s the younger one he prints the labels anyway. It’s no trouble to go to another branch though so that’s what I’ll continue to do in the future.

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  6. Your experience with customer service is world wide for all companies. They respond with set replies that often do not address the problem. i usually have to insist my complaint be taken to the next level. This includes tech support.

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  7. I think the guy who replied to me completely missed the point of my email. I’m well aware that I can buy stamps to stick on the postcards myself and I often do, but if this certain young guy in my local post office is the one who serves me he always prints out labels even when I ask for stamps – it’s too much of a coincidence that they could have run out of the correct stamps every time he serves me, I think he’s just too bone idle to find the stamps I want. To be honest I feel like emailing the Customer Services guy who replied to me and telling him that his ‘non-reply’ was of no help at all!

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  8. I always buy my stamps online and that has saved me a great deal of trouble (plus there’s more options), but after talking with some people in other countries that doesn’t seem to always be an option. I hope your situation gets better and I don’t blame you for being upset at all.

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  9. Thanks for your comment, and welcome to the Mouse House 🙂 Today I used a different post office and had no trouble getting the stamps, but oddly enough when I got back home I’d got another email from customer services (an impersonal stock reply with no name) saying my complaint will be dealt with in 5-7 working days.It will be interesting to see if I get a third email from them 🙂


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